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INFINITY Project Workshop @ Tridentcom 2012

The 1st international INFINITY Project Workshop will be held in conjunction with the 8th international ICST Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks and Communities – TRIDENTCOM 2012, which will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece, 11-13 of June 2012, with the aim of gathering information on the existing research testbeds in Europe.

As the internet continues to rapidly evolve, so the need to experiment, test and prototype new solutions becomes an integral element for the Future Internet developer.


But where to start?

How can Future Internet developers find the tedbeds or experimental environments where these ideas can be brought to life?

The Infinity Project is an EC sponsored Future Internet programme of work that is charged with developing a unique repository of Future Internet Infrastructures.

The repository (code named XiPi) will contain detailed descriptions of the Infrastructures available across Europe to experiment, test or pilot Future Internet applications.

The Infinity Project team have been hard at work designing and gathering data for this repository and at TridentCom, for the first time, Infrastructure owners will get to see how the data we have captured will be presented and will get to work with the XiPi designers to influence the way in which the repository evolves to best represent their needs. Information on many infrastructures are being collected right now (follow the number increasing at at and will be made available in April at - Check it out!


Why you don’t want to miss the 1st International INFINITY Project Workshop at TridentCom?

TEN reasons why you don’t want to miss the 1st International INFINITY Project Workshop at TridentCom:

  1. To discover new ways to promote your infrastructure and increase its utilisation.
  2. To PERSONALLY introduce the capabilities and functionality of your infrastructure at this conference.
  3. To have details of your infrastructure published in a 2 page abstract of the ACM Digital Library.
  4. To have your infrastructure included within a new unique Repository of European infrastructures.
  5. To have the opportunity to influence how that European Repository evolves to support your needs.
  6. To learn how to get the most out of that Repository as a marketing tool for your infrastructure.
  7. To learn about other infrastructures capabilities and to understand their plans and evolution in the future.
  8. To create new relationships and partnerships with others to extend the capability of your own infrastructure.
  9. To gain first hand insight into the emerging needs of Future Internet developers to inform the evolution of your infrastructure.
  10. To meet with the Infinity Project designers who are building the XiPi repository.


Who's coming to the workshop?

A range of International infrastructure owners have been invited, along with a number of Future Internet (FI-PPP) application developers to work with the Infinity Project team in a unique event that will set the foundations for the next stage of evolution of this hugely important resource.


What do I do next?

If you are responsible for an Infrastructure you need to register (pre-registration has been closed) yourself and any other members of your team for this event at If you haven't already completed a submission for the new XiPi repository, please find the instructions for participation here (you will be guided to a questionnaire that will gather vital basic data about your infrastructure in order to 'initiate' an entry in the XiPi repository). The data that you submit will then be both included in the repository and will be available for presentation at this event.


Participants interested in submitting a 2-pages paper will find the instructions for authors here.


Please register for the workshop here.


For more information, contact us.