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The Infinity Project
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Prospective authors are invited to submit high quality infrastructure descriptions, providing information about the facilities’ resources and technologies, types of networks, applications and services, interfaces, capacities and scale, availability, access policies and access mechanisms, legal aspects, SLAs, usage restrictions and limitations, security mechanisms, usage areas and application sectors. Further information can include, but is not limited to additionally offered services and tools, openness e.g. in terms of connect-ability, integrate-ability of 3rd party resources’, federate-ability and configurability, previous utilizations and best practices, typical user profiles, stakeholders, business models and offered support. Also, if available, information about future roadmaps as well as about planned evolution of the infrastructure is highly relevant.

With the limitation of being accessible to users latest by end of 2012, the INFINITY Project workshop welcomes infrastructure descriptions in the field of:

  • Wired and wireless infrastructures

  • Satellite network infrastructures

  • Broadcast network infrastructures

  • Ubiquitous network and sensor infrastructures

  • Experimental facilities for large scale experimentation

  • Next Generation Internet infrastructures

  • Next Generation optical network infrastructures

  • GRID, Cloud, P2P and overlay infrastructures

  • Smart home, smart energy, smart grid, smart city infrastructures

  • eHealth, eGovernment, eTransport, eMobility, eLearning infrastructures

  • Media and content delivery & distribution network infrastructures

  • Living Labs

  • e-Infrastructures

  • Rural and urban ICT infrastructures