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Invitation for Tender for the development of Added-value Services


Invitation for Tender for the development of Added-value Services

The INFINITY project has reserved a portion of the project budget to fund specific tasks to be carried out by subcontractors. These subcontractors will be selected by means of a competitive call.

The topics of this invitation for tender are the design and development of a set of Added-Value Services over the XiPi web repository. XiPi was released on 15th April 2012. It is an on-line catalogue of Future Internet infrastructures. Through a collaborative Web-based approach, it describes infrastructures as a 'living organism' and brings together the two key aspects of FI-PPP projects: the infrastructures and the applications. XiPi facilitates the creation of a sustainable 'market' where infrastructure owners and operators can market and advertise capability and capacity that can meet users' demands. Similarly, users can publicise their application scenario including the requirements for infrastructure capacity and capability to be supplied by infrastructure providers.

Possible areas that should be further investigated for the development of Added Value Services are:

  • integration of existing tools and repositories with XiPi in order to leverage the current XiPi functionalities (see for example Teagle)
  • matchmaking tools in order to help the user to find the "right" infrastructure: comparison of two or more infrastructures, finding similar infrastructures, infrastructure selector and recommender, etc.
  • reporting tool

Proposers are encouraged to evaluate the aforementioned list of ideas but also to explore other areas in order to provide more and/or more valuable services related to the XiPi repository.

Proposals should address the design specification, as well as the development of the functionalities proposed and their integration with the XiPi web repository through the exposed APIs.

Conditions of participation and funding are those laid out by the European Commission for subcontractors in the Seventh Framework programme.

Before responding to this invitation for tender, we recommend that you:

This invitation for tender has been planned with a total grant of about 38 K€. It is expected to receive proposals requesting funding in the range 5K€ - 20 K€.

The following documents include helpful information to prepare your proposal:

The planned schedule associated to this invitation for tender is shown below.



Invitation for tender publication on the project web site

1st October 2012

Deadline for proposals submission

16th November 2012

e-mails for acknowledgement of receipt

19th – 20th November 2012

Proposals evaluation

19th – 30th November 2012

Subcontractors selected

First week of December 2012

Contract signed Mid of December 2012

Start of activities

January 2013

Delivery of the artefact produced June 2013
Testing and evaluation of the artefact produced July 2013

Other interesting information:

Project acronym: INFINITY
Project grant agreement number: 285192
Project full name: INFINITY: INfrastructures for the Future Internet commuNITY
Invitation for tender open: The invitation for tender opens on 1st October 2012
Deadline: The call closes on 16th November 2012 at 17h00 (Brussels time)
Expected duration of activities: January 2013 to October 2013
Total EC funding available for new partners: up to 38 Thousand Euro.
Call identifier: INFINITY: Call for Added-value Serivces Framework
Language in which proposals should be submitted: English
Web address for further information: this web page
Email address for submissions: infinity-call-submission [at] fi-infinity [dot] eu (subject: “INFINITY: Call for Added Value Services”)
Email address for further information: infinity-call-support [at] fi-infinity [dot] eu

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